Min Christensen

  1. digital colouring
    Is there drive-thrus at the highway to hell?
    Digital illustration, 2015
  2. comic
    People with no sense of time never have to get upset about belated trains
    page from a ten page story about a ghost train, 2013
  3. Surveliance
    Digital illustration, 2015
My name is
Min Christensen
Hello, I'm Min Christensen, a freelance illustrator and comic artist from denmark. 
I'm currently running the webcomic Fail by Error, a quirly comic about daily happenings that can mess your day up, and the webcomic is currently running close to 40.000 subsribers.
The comic can be found here
The comic has been nominated for the danish ping award in the catagory of best danish webcomics of 2015.
besides spending my time keeping up with school and webcomic, I also spend my time, doing art and illustrations.